One Size Fits… None

Applying the science of Personality Type we enable all providers to instantly understand the key motivators and best way to connect with each individual patient to achieve optimal results.

The Challenge

Chronic disease, the leading cause of death and disability in the US, is largely preventable through simple lifestyle changes. 37% of doctors say that patients’ not following their advice seriously affects their ability to provide optimal care.

iConnect Health has cracked the code on patient compliance and the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent these health issues, by creating robust, one-of-a-kind proprietary intellectual property.

Results Matter

Our model was created through comprehensive research in four studies involving over 40,000 subjects. It accurately predicts how medication and recommendation compliant each patient will be.

Individual Wellness Plans are designed for each patient that will help them lose weight, exercise, manage stress and reduce alcohol.

• Accurately predicts patient compliance

• Improves patient satisfaction scores

• Quickly builds positive relationships

• Helps patients change behavior

Patient Assessment

Our quick, accurate, and validated patient personality type assessment tells you what you need to know to connect with and engage each individual patient instantly.

Validated personality type assessment
• Over 90% accurate
• Takes less than four minutes
• Completed online, anywhere, on any device

Simple, quick, and accurate
• Well-respected system for understanding behavior
• Based on over seventyfive years of research
• Identifies each patient’s motivators and preferred communication style

Evidence-based, easily implementable, saves time
• Links to your EMR system
• Three bullet points to show you how to connect best
• Individual Wellness Plan

Better understand and connect with each patient
• In less than one minute
• Helps build trusting relationships
• Improves the quality of the experience